MUD...SWEAT...CHEERS! On the Gritty Course, which is about 3 miles, you'll meander your way through Moody Gardens, Palm Beach, and the mud and muck on the banks of the Offats Bayou, before finishing in front of the cheering masses! Yup, there will be mud. There will be sand. You will get wet. You'll also probably get foamy! Along the way, you'll go over, under, through, into a variety of awesome obstacles, in your quest to join the Sisterhood of the Soil! If there's an obstacle that spooks you, it's ok. You can skip any of 'em that seem too daunting...Do it solo, or grab your Sistahs to join you, and form a team!

Check out some photos of our obstacles HERE

Entry Fee


  • $40 November 29th - November 30th

  • $50 December 1st - December 31st

  • $60 January 1st through January 31st

  • $70 February 1st through February 29th

  • $80 March 1st through March 14th

  • $90 March 15 - March 27th

  • $95 March 28th

What's included in my Fee?


What you get… A Gritty Goddess custom designed shirt, finisher’s item, complimentary post race food, complimentary cold beer and the great gritty course.

Choose A Wave

YOU get to choose the wave/time that works for YOU. Each wave is named after a famous goddess, so all you have to do is remember your goddess name and you’ll be able to look up the start time later if you forget. Many Sistahs choose to roll with a team. Many choose to do it solo. Each are welcome in the various waves.

**The minimum age for all waves is now 10 years old, so we have eliminated the mother/daughter waves, as mothers and daughters ages 10 and up can now participate in any wave of their choice.


8:30am COUPLES THERAPY (couples/coed)
8:40am APHRODITE (beauty)
8:50am ARTEMIS (nature)
9:00am ATHENA (wisdom)
9:10am BRIGIT (healing)
9:20am CERES (growth) 
9:30am DEMETER (harvest/food)
9:40am EIRENE (peace) 
9:50am FLORA (flowers) 
10:00am GAIA (mother earth)
10:10am HATHOR (music/dance) 
10:20am HERA (marriage) 
10:30am IRIS (rainbow) 
10:40am JUNO (vital force) 
10:50am MINERVA (intellect) 
11:00am NIKE (victory) 
11:10am PERSEPHONE (rebirth) 
11:20am SELENE (moon)
11:30am VENUS (love)

We have reserved the FIRST wave of the day, for you, our couples - and that includes ALL couples, of any kind - everyone is welcome. You've heard the saying: "couples who get muddy together stay together". Okay, well maybe that's not quite how the saying goes, but there's nothing like a little muddy, foamy fun to boost your relationship! After all, it takes cooperation and teamwork to traverse three miles of obstacles together. Along the way there will be laughter, butt-slapping, and high-fiveing; perhaps some rolling in the mud too; after all, it takes TWO to tango! So join us for the couples therapy wave at 8:30 am - it's good, not so clean, therapy.

The more the merrier! Form a team, name your team, send us your team picture! Teams can have 2 Goddesses, or they can have 200….it’s however you wanna do it. When you register, be sure to put your team name on the entry, and BE SURE to have all of your teammates register for the SAME GODDESS WAVE. You’ll all want to start at the same time!

Each team member registers individually. The first team member to register will "Create A Team" and enter the team name, then the rest of your team will "Join A Team" during their individual registrations.

Are you in college? We understand funds are tight, but we want you to be able to join us. We’re offering discounted entry fees for all of you committed to higher education. Grab your classmates or Sorority Sisters and form a team! Discount is for students aged 18-22 enrolled in undergraduate studies at a 2 or 4-year college.


Please e-mail HERE for the discount code, and let us know which college/university you attend. (Discount is for full-time students aged 18-22.)

17 and under? We understand funds are tight, but we want you to be able to join us. We’re offering discounted entry fees for all of you committed to your education. Grab your classmates and form a team! We offer an already discounted YOUTH entry for full-time students for $20 off the regular entry fee. Using your birthdate, the system will automatically provide the discount!