A high stepping jog through a corded grid, presided over by our very own GG Drill Sgt!

Mulch moves! Climb and walk your way over 2 giant mulch piles.

Climb up stairs then go slip slidin down into a watery mud pit.  Weeeee! 

Climb up 2 wooden A frames stepping on wooden slats up one side and down the other like a ladder.

Travel 25’ across a 4” wide beam over a small stream.  Stay balanced or oops!

Climb up a 10’ wall made of corregated plastic pipes cut in half.  Make you way down a slanted wall with hand holes and foot holes!

Bring out your inner GI Jane!  Crawl under a camo net covered frame..In the mud!

This is the grandaddy of the obstacles! Climb up and over a 11 foot cargo net, rolling over the top horizontal net.

The baby to Precious Cargo! This one gets you warmed up for the REAL DEAL!

Climb through corrugated plastic pipes and into the mud!

Climb through a 40’ mud pit underneath a low wire!  Yep, you'll get MUDDY!

Situated just before the finish line, run through a chute and get showered colored powder, similar to a Color Run!

Climb over your choice of 3 walls, 5-7 feet tall.  Each wall section has wooden cleats for hand and foot holds.

Be agile and quick as you jump through a long sets of car tires!

Climb up and over 2 large dirt berms then slide and walk through 3 water/mud pits.

Walk through the Moody Gardens Palm Beach Lazy River, backwards against the current!

2 metal A-frames that have wobbly logs to climb over.

Crawl under a low beam,then crawl over a little taller one, and then under a 3rd low beam!  All under camo netting!

Heavy metal see saw base with 3 teeter-totter planks. Walk up and down, then find your way through a muddy pit!

Climb over 2 wooden walls-one 8’ and one 7’ wall, using planks as rungs up the wall and down the other side.

Climb along a plywood wall utilizing foot holes and hand holes over water and mud.

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Gritty Goddess Obstacle Run 2017