Wear what you’re comfortable in! You’re gonna get muddy, wet, foamy, colorful and more. We don’t recommend wearing your Marchesa Dress or your Jimmy Choo shoes…or your $200 fitness outfit with $150 running shoes. Other than that, it’s up to you. Be prepared for the elements. It could be hot, it could be cold. It could be sunny, it could be rainy. Wear something comfortable, but remember that your clothing and shoes could get pretty banged up and stained. Be sure to bring some dry, warm clothes with you, to change into after you’ve crossed the finish line!!! We also recommend bringing extra towels, dry shoes, and a garbage bag to put your dirty stuff in. Remember, we’re in GALVESTON. Remember to wear waterproof sunscreen!

Good footwear.  Leave your nice running shoes at home. We recommend a lightly used trail shoe with decent tread to get you through the course. We’ll be collecting unwanted racer shoes after the race and recycling them.


Change of clothes/towel.

When you cross the finish line, you’ll be pretty gritty….We’ll have fountains to wash yourself off and tidy up, as well as changing areas for you. Be sure to bring a change of clothes, shoes and a towel with you. You can leave ‘em in your car, or bring ‘em with you and drop ‘em off at bag check. We will also have a bag check, so you can leave your change of clothes/towel with us during the race and retrieve after. If you wanna use bag check, be sure to bring a bag labeled with your bib number and your name!

You've completed the course, you are officially a GRITTY GODDESS! Now, it's time to reeeeeeeelaaaaaaaaxxxxxx with your fellow Sistahs! Join us at the Gritty Garten. Listen to the music, grab a complimentary ice cold beer (or two) from the Gritty Garten and soak it all in! The taps and good times will be a-flowin'! 


What's better than crossing the Gritty Goddess finish line? CELEBRATING! YES, there will be some complimentary post race food as well at the finish line! Stop on by, grab your tasty treat! All of the fixin's for a great post-Gritty treat!!!!!

Gritty Garden

Moody Gardens has ample parking in their lots and the surrounding areas. Please leave yourself extra time to walk from the parking areas to the registration area and Gritty Goddess site. The site is located at One Hope Boulevard, Galveston, TX. UPDATED MAP COMING SOON!

We ask that you show up a minimum of 1hr before your respective wave starts to pick up your race day packet. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to park and get to the registration area! In order to retrieve your packet, you’ll need a to bring a photo ID. Your packet will include your race bib with safety pins, and your goodies. Your race bib should be secured to the front of your shirt using the provided safety pins.

It’s time to play dress-up! Participate in a unique and slightly zany get-up (keep in mind that you do have to MOVE in it) – we are looking for the most eye-catching and creative costumes out on the course. CHECK OUT THE WINNERS OF THE COSTUME CONTEST

Bag check on site at the registration tent.